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Julio Dueñas

Julio Dueñas

Lead Photographer, Founder

My journey into Photography began in Graphic Design. The opportunity of working with beautiful images every day lured me away from Design and a new passion for Photography started to emerge. I spent the next 10 years refining my craft, and about 5 years ago, I decided to leave a successful Design career behind and commit to Photography entirely.

Coming from a design background has given me a unique perspective into Commercial Photography. I understand it's intended use. I understand what the art buyer needs because I've been on the other side of the table. When creating an image, I concern myself with the photo's intended use. I strive to tell a story that communicates the brand and the lifestyle that comes with it.

If I don't have a camera in my face, I probably have a computer screen glowing in front of me. I love building my Photoshop skills, both for my clients and personal projects. I do spend plenty of time outdoors as well, and when I'm really feeling cooped up, I'll jump on my motorcycle and just cruise...

Paul Sargeant

Paul Sargeant

Lead Photographer, Principal

Alas the most difficult thing is for a visual artist to use words to describe himself. This is where I throw a stack of photos at you and run away before you even know what happened! Well the shutter bug bit me hard when I received my first slr camera in middle school. I took horrible photos for about 6 years until I learned how to use the thing. But I did take them eagerly and often! Even though I always fancied myself an illustrator or painter, I have a love affair with the camera and the 'reality' behind the images it can create. John Szarkowski (curator and writer) famously divided photography into two categories, "windows" and "mirrors." Although I view my work as a "window" onto the world, I always enjoy when a little slippage occurs between them and a bit of my mirror can be seen through the window.

When I'm not snapping pictures you can usually find me in my garden, fermenting something beer-like in my garage, or biking down to our local coffee roaster for an overpriced, tiny, but delectable cup of espresso.

Carolina Dueñas

Carolina Dueñas

Account Manager, Associate

Although most of our clients will engage with Carol during the initial and final  stages of a photo shoot, it is not uncommon to see her helping out on set and in the field. Sometimes (if you're lucky), you will even see her make a cameo appearance in some of our images. Carol finds her motivation in ensuring that client satisfaction is at the forefront of every project. She builds the foundation of our relationships with each and every client from start to end. Creative Noodle is lucky to have such a dedicated, focused and passionate individual on our team.

When she is not on Creatinve Noodle duties, she is at home taking on the role of Super Mom for her 3 girls! Really, there isn't much that Carol can't do!


Working with Creative Noodle is a true pleasure and a great advantage to our clients! Julio and his team are some of the most talented in our industry, with an incredible eye for subject matter, composition, mood, lighting, color and more. Having upfront, solid communication prior to each photo shoot, enables them to capture images that are truly useful and relevant to the needs of our designs and our clients’ sales and marketing efforts, leaving us with images that are useful, effective and appealing to our target audience!

Julio’s background in graphic design provides an added advantage, as he shoots each image with the end use in mind, whether it’s an ad, brochure or billboard design. The end result is thoughtful images that communicate just the right messages. Their diligence and attention to detail demonstrate their expertise, saving time and money.  Their professionalism, care and hard work are very much appreciated and we look forward to many more collaborations. 

Daniela Mocan | Creative Director
Placewright Design @ WHA

Creative Noodle is WHA Go-to Company for capturing the architecture, details and magic of our projects. Julio and team is friendly, professional, creative, easy to work with and most importantly help make our projects award winning. We appreciate the special attention and hands on details that Creative Noodle brings to each job.

Shannon Hezmalhalch | Director of Client Relations & Development
William Hezmalhalch Architects

Working with the team at Creative Noodle is always a pleasure. Julio, Paul and Carolina are professional, talented and most importantly flexible. They are always informed on the latest trends and pay attention to our needs. Their personalized approach is what keeps us coming back!

Natasha Zabaneh | Marketing Associate
City Ventures

Julio is wonderful and so easy to work with. He brings a lot of passion to the team and a creative eye for design and photography that I was always amazed by. Not only does he consistently deliver top-quality work but when you ask if he knows an easier/ more efficient way to complete a project, he does and is more than willing to teach you. Our team grew significantly with Julio working on our team and I can't say enough great things about Julio and his work ethic.

Trinity Bula | Project Manager
Irvine Company