What is your location and will you travel?

We are located in central Orange County, in the beautiful state of California. We love working with our local clients, but we also love to travel to new and exciting places. Contact us about an estimate to get details on travel costs.

How long will my shoot take?

Each shoot is unique and can be evaluated on a per/project basis. We function on a daily rate model. If you book us for a job, you are usually booking us for the entire day (8-10 hours).

How will my images be delivered?

Once your photos have been color corrected and polished for final delivery, you will receive high definition JPG images on Dropbox and full resolution TIFF images on a USB drive, provided by us.

How long will it take to get my photos?

We work fast to deliver your images in a prompt and timely manner. You can expect final images within 10-14 days of shooting your project.

I like your approach and I want to book you. How can I do that?

You can call or email us through our contact link. We'll need a 30% retaining fee and an estimate approval from you and we'll be ready to go.